we're all in the same boat.

Join our community. Stay connected. keep up your trail shape.

The challenge is simple: complete 7 hours of at-home training this week.

Want more? Sign up for our free "indoor" training plan--designed specifically for trail runners.

March 23rd - 29th, 2020

Invite your friends. Keep your motivation high. Stay connected.

How many trail runners around the world are doing this week's challenge?

1. Start training with our free indoor training plan.

2. Sign up for our 7h at-home challenge:

Our "indoor" training plan

We’ve designed a training plan for trail runners who can’t leave home right now.

  • The plan is free, and is 4 weeks long. It’s structured to keep up your trail shape, even in these tough conditions. 
  • The plan is “smart,” which means that it auto-adapts to each runner’s level. Anyone who’s staying home but wants to keep moving can train with this plan. 
  • Each workout is designed to build strength, power and stability–all skills that will serve you when you get back to the trails.
  • Join our community. We, the co-founders of Vert.run, will be doing these routines too from our homes. These are tough times–let’s stick together. 

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