9,000+ trail runners train with Vert. 

Check out our plans and join our community.


$ 25 per month
  • Get direct answers to all of your training, nutrition and gear questions within 24 hours
  • Adjust your training plan to build specific skills with our "block" system: downhill, uphill, speed or endurance.
  • Measure your progress with our coach-designed running tests.
  • Build trail strength with our core, strength and jump routines
  • Train for trail races/distances of up to 50k (31 miles)
  • Our Explore plan is designed for all levels of experience.


$ 0 per month
  • Access our platform and trail running training tools
  • Receive your personal, weekly training plan--designed by professional trail runners
  • Train for races/distances of up to 20 miles
  • Get regular tips and advice from our weekly newsletter
  • Our free plan is designed for all levels of experience


$ 87 per month
  • Train one-on-one with your private trail running coach
  • Reach your coach at any time by phone, text or email.
  • Train for specific races (splits, nutrition and more) with the guidance of your coach
  • Analyze and improve your results during regular review sessions with your coach
  • Train for all distances--including ultras--and all types of terrain
  • Connect your Vert.run profile with Strava for a big-picture view of your training
  • Our Premium plan is open to all levels of experience.

We’ve got your back so that you can focus on your feet.

Let’s explore.


Have a question that you don't see answered here? Shoot us an email to team@vert.run.

How can I start training with Vert?

Easy peasy. Create your account, and then choose your level of training plan: free, Explore or Premium. Then, we’ll ask you a series of key questions. Using your answers, we’ll create a training plan that fits you best. You’ll receive your training plan every week.  

(Our Premium plan includes an intro call with your coach. It will take about two days until you receive your first training plan.)

Who makes Vert's training plans?​

Our coaches–who are also professional trail runners–work hard to create each of our training plans. Their knowledge is based on their own research on the science behind training, plus on their own real-world experience training and competing. 

Can I communicate with the Vert team or coaches during my training? ​

Our free plan doesn’t include direct training support from our team–that’s largely why it’s free. When you train for free, you’ll still receive our newsletter with tips and can (of course) check out our blog posts.  

Our Explore plan includes direct support from our team and your coach. With Explore, we’ll answer your questions (training, nutrition, etc.) within 24 hours.

With our Premium plan, your coach is always reachable to give you real-time feedback and answers to your questions. 

Can I fit a Vert training plan into my family and work life? ​

We believe in–and prioritize in our own lives–the importance of time with family and friends. Work, too, is a part of life and we know it can be demanding. Our Free and Explore training plans give you the guidance to build your trail running level responsibly, fit your training into your schedule and help eliminate the risk of burning out.

Our Premium plan is 100% adapted to your schedule, needs, feelings and week-by-week schedule changes (busy work weeks, vacations, etc.). 

How you know my plan is correct for me?

This is what makes Vert unique. Simply put: you provide us with information to define your level, experience, location, type of terrain where you usually train and your goal. Based on that, we assign you the right training plan. Each runner is different, so each workout is different. How? Since we measure your workouts in time and self-perceived intensity (instead of in distance), even if two runners look the same on paper, each runner will experience the same training differently based on his or her current fitness level. 


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