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Vert Beats: New Explore plan: x Vlad Ixel

New Explore plan: x Vlad Ixel

We’re super excited to announce another plan with a Pro Athlete: Vlad Ixel! Woohoo!

Vlad, who runs for The North Face, designed an awesome 4-week base-building plan. It’s designed to get you strong after COVID lockdown, and keep you injury-free during your running season.

Now more than ever it’s important to build a strong foundation so we can enjoy–safely–the time we spend outside.

Check out Vlad’s plan here!


What to watch:

Yep, another FKT video this week! (We love vids about FKTs, especially now since we could all use some non-race motivation, eh?) But this time, the coolest part wasn’t the record, but the use of mixed self-powered activities: to connect the lowest point in the U.S. with the highest. Easy, right? (Or not, haha.) Imagine using a bike to approach from Badwater to the base of Mt. Whitney, and then “trail mode” to the summit to finish an epic day with 140 miles and more than 20,000 feet of vert. Pretty cool.

You can watch the video here.

What to read:

Considering that most of our next races have been cancelled or postponed, one of the trends that’s heated up fast is “everesting.” Have you heard about this? It’s basically repeating a specific uphill segment…until you hit the height of Mt. Everest (8,848 meters/29,030 feet FYI). In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a bunch of trail runners (and cyclists) pushing their limits on this one. For example, the women’s record has been broken twice just within the past weeks…it’s now held by Magda Boulet with 17 hours and 43 minutes.

You can read more here.

What to listen to:

We know that “stay at home” orders haven’t been easy for any of us–and that as soon as they’re lifted, it’s normal to want to go all-in and run like we did before. But honestly, we really, really encourage you to be responsible in re-approaching training volume. Here’s a nice article from SCMP that talks about how to correctly transition back to the trails, and has some advice from Vlad Ixel about how to build a solid base before going all-in on the trails again.

You can read the article here.

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