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Trail running is more than just moving your legs. Get inspired with us.

Thabang News letter

Vert Beats #1 12-07-2019

Thabang Madiba – Trail Running Sudafrica  We’re certainly used to watching videos of runners from African countries–usually said runners are training for a marathon or another road race. But this time, we’re sharing a video about the story of Thabang


Best Trail Running Shoes, 2019: the lowdown

When it comes to shoes, it’s safe to say that trail running shoes are “The Topic” in our sport. There are tons of things that you could take into the mountains–backpacks, poles, hats, you get the picture–but at the end

Team work

How to calm race-day nerves: staying cool before a race

We’ve all been there: it’s the night before a race, and your brain will. Not. Let. You. Sleep. Maybe it’s your first race (or your fiftieth) and you’re feeling wired–but not in the good way. Your nerves just won’t let


Road Running to Trail Running

For those of you experienced road runners out there, switching over to the trails might not sound like a big deal–but if you start to trail run with a road running background, all those years of pavement are actually a


Trail Running: 5 Tips for Beginners

For those of us who are new to trail running, the sport might seem a little confusing; but, honestly, it’s one of the most simple, open and friendly sports out there. Why? Easy: first, because there aren’t any huge cost

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