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Vert Beats #2 07-19-2019

Hardrock 100

If the Hardrock 100 hadn’t been canceled due to the amount of snow in the Colorado mountains, we’d be talking a lot about the race in this newsletter–it would be impossible not to. Every year, Hardrock is one of the most challenging, amazing 100 mile races of the season.

Since there isn’t anything more to share about this year’s race, we’d like to share this “profile” article about the Hardrock 100’s veterans. It’s definitely worth reading; take a look to learn about who these repeat racers are, and what they bring to the race every year thanks to their experience and years of running the race.

You can read the article here. 


Buff Epic Trail Marathon – SuperSky Race.

This past weekend, the Pyrenees mountains in Spain became hosted the third “SuperSky” race of the season. The level of competition in both the women’s and men’s races was really impressive, and the ranking in this year’s Skyrunning season is shaping up to be one of the closest ever for the top 3 spots. You should definitely keep an eye on the series’ next races this season.  

Click here to check out the race highlights.  

Alex Nichols – Profile. 

Alex has to be one of the nicest guys in the trail running world— and he’s been on the scene for a while now. He often flies under the radar, but usually ends up placing really well in every race he enters. From long ultra races to very fast, technical terrain, Alex can do it all. We encourage you to read this nice profile written about him. 

You can read his profile here


What to watch:

Once in a while, we like to share some stuff that’s not trail related: and this week, we think you should check out this video about a professional cyclist who ran his first ultramarathon. He ran the length of the UK (from south to north) in just 7 days (a time which won him the race.) We’ll leave you with that–check out the video to hear his story. 

You can watch the video here.

What to read:

One of the most common mistakes that we make–beginner or expert–when we start to train for a race is that we think we have to run all-in during all of our trainings. We push ourselves hard every day because we want to feel like we’re making progress towards our race goal…but that’s not actually what happens when we refuse to take things slow. And, believe it or not, it can actually be the perfect recipe for injury and quick burnout. At, we firmly believe in building consistency (day after day, week after week and month after month) and in taking our easy days really easy. 


We recommend reading this article about the importance of running slow.

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