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Vert Beats #27 01-10-2020

New training plan #Explore with Hillary Allen

We’ve got some big news this week: we just launched a brand new #Explore Plan designed by Hillary Allen! Hillary’s teamed up with us to bring you a 50k training plan throughout which she’s not only created your daily workouts, but also shares weekly tips for mental strength, nutrition, and more. 

If you’re looking to run your first ultra this year, Hillary’s plan costs $25/month and is a great, thorough way to train–especially if one-on-one coaching is out of your budget. 

Check out Hillary’s plan here

We’ll be partnering with more amazing athletes like Hillary throughout 2020–who do you most dream of training with? Shoot us an email!

Woman and Endurance Sport’s

We’ve talked about this before, but recently there have been increasingly more studies and articles backing up the theory that women athletes perform better than men, the longer the event. With examples like Jasmin Paris winning the Spine Race overall (a mountain race of 268 miles, which is raced in tough winter conditions) and Sarah Thomas, who has been the only person to swum The Channel four times in a row, we leave you with this article from The Guardian with some theories and thoughts on the subject. 

You can read more details here. 

Winter training

If you live in the northern hemisphere, we know that getting excited about training for your next race–in the dead of winter–can be really, really hard. With below-freezing temps and a lot of dark hours in the day, finding the oompf to get out for your long run becomes a motivation game. Firstly, remember not to be hard on yourself; it’s normal to struggle to get out in tough conditions. Also, try to have a goal and purpose in mind so you can find some willpower to lace up your shoes. We leave you with this article from Trail Runner Magazine about “Winter Training with a Pro.”

You can read the article here. 


What to read:

Are you a pole-lover, or nah? Nowadays we see more and more people using poles on training runs (and in races, of course) and it’s no secret that poles are really helpful–especially in long races on hard terrain with lots of vert–but everyone has their own opinion when it comes to poles. We leave you with this article where two well-known runners each present their pole opinions: about if they should always (or not always) be allowed in races. What’s your opinion? Hit “reply” and tell us! 

You can read the article here

What to listen to:

Injuries. Nobody likes to think about them…but as runners, we’ll probably face at least one injury in the future if we haven’t already. Injury can result from any number of things: overtraining/running too many miles, poor technique, or even an accident. It’s always good to learn about what causes–and how to prevent–injury. We leave you with this podcast that goes in-depth into injury talk. It even covers the “magic case,” which is when you go into a race and suddenly all the little, weird feelings or pain we’d been having during our training seem to disappear. 

You can listen to the podcast here. 

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