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Vert Beats #29 01-24-2020

Runner v/s Base Jumper

After so many years of seeing Kilian doing some pretty epic stuff, you’d think that he’s out of surprises. But in his latest video with a well-experienced base jumper Tom Erik, he proves us very wrong.

“Runner vs. Base Jumper” is basically a race up and a down a mountain (in the amazing peaks they have in Norway) between the best mountain runner in the world and a very fit, experienced base jumper. The result is awesome, and definitely delivers one of the best “face offs” we’ve seen in our sport in a while. Amazing shots from the uphill (as this is very technical peak) and of course from the downhill with Tom flying in his wingsuit trying to beat Kilian to the base of the mountain.

You can watch the video here.

Rob Krar and Injuries

In addition to his struggle with depression, Rob Krar has had to deal with a fair number of injuries throughout his career. His most recent injury (knee) could have been a career-ender, but as Rob has shown before, it’s amazing what the human body and mind can do, and how it even surprises talented athletes and doctors. We leave you with this good long-form article from Trail Runner Magazine that goes through what Rob had to deal with this injury, and the almost unbelievable comeback he had in winning the Leadville 100 in 2018.

You can read the article here

Jim Walmsley – USA Trials

Have you been following Jim Walmsley’s training throughout the last couple of weeks? Well, if you haven’t, check it out–we can tell you that it’s been wild. Jim started to train for the USA Olympic Trials (coming up in a month) just after winning the WMRA championship race in Argentina in late November. Now we leave you with this article showing how this well-known ultra runner could be the “dark-hose” nobody is expecting when the best USA marathoners face off for a spot in the Olympics.

You can read the article here.


What to watch:

We’ve shared a lot of info about “FKTs” (what they are, famous routes and how they’re becoming more and more popular) and now we share with you this video from a Canadian woman who set out to do an FKT of one of her famous local peaks in the British Columbia area. The video showcases amazing scenery, and is also a good exploration behind the reason that it takes such mental strength to race against the clock. Definitely worth a watch.

You can watch the video here

What to listen to:

We usually share podcasts about training, interviews and more specific athleticism-related stuff, but this week we want to share this interview with two well-known ultra runners about their opinion on climate change and how we, as individual and a collective who love to spend time in the outdoors, have the power to influence the future. Interesting opinions about what can we do on a daily basis and also what to look for in the races we choose in terms of their environmental impact.

You can listen to the interview here.

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