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Vert Beats #31 02-07-2020

New Rules from the “World Athletics” (yes, we’re talking about shoes)

Continuing with the topic of shoes like in our last newsletter, this week “World Athletics” came out with their much anticipated new rules for the technology allowed in racing shoes. This has been a hot topic since Kipchoge broke 2 hours in the marathon while wearing Nike’s newest prototype, the “Alphafly”.

The idea behind these rules is to level the playing field for other brands, and to put more structure around what’s acceptable vs. not in terms of shoe technology in running.

Here’s a very good article from Outside that takes an in-depth look at the whole things, and another article from Podium Runner that walks through the more important rules regarding the shoes, like the one that says that athletes can no longer use “prototypes” for official races…and that goes for asphalt and of course, trail races too.

Tarawera 2020.

The “UTWT” 2020 started a few weeks ago with the Hong Kong 100, but this weekend we have the first ‘real’ important race of the season: the Tarawera Ultramarathon. This race, that takes place in New Zealand, has been on the calendar for a few years and always has a stellar field of runners that decide to start their season by running the most competitive distance of the race: the 100k. We leave you with a preview from iRunFar of a few names that are expected to be battling for first place for the women and men racing.

You can read the preview here. heads to Chile

This weekend in Santiago, Chile, we’ll be hosting the very first “race” up the city’s local hill: San Cristobal. Even if you’re not in Santiago (which you’re almost certainly not) you can definitely stay inspired to explore your local hill by keeping an eye on our social media this Friday!


What to watch:

We know that a lot of times, “trail running” conjures up images of Alpine landscape–but there are tons of amazing places with trails to discover. We leave you with this video from Billy Yang about the Ultra runner Amanda Basham who went out to do the FKT of a beautiful trail along the coast in Hawaii. Technical trails, flashy green forests and amazing beaches along the 22 mile out-and-back trail. What ‘s not to like?

You can watch the video here.

What to read:

One of the most important things in our training plans at is building consistency. We’d much rather have runners running 4-5 times a week for a short time than to have you go out for one über-long run every week. We leave you with this article form Podium Runner that backs up the theory behind the benefits of running more frequently and how that’s one of the keys to seeing progress in your performance.

You can read the article here.

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