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Vert Beats #32 02-14-2020

Jim Walmsley – USA Marathon Trials

It’s not often that our sport appears in massive media outlets like the New York Times, so when it does, our niche sport has a lot of eyes on it.

This past week, Jim Walmsley made the NYT with an article that basically goes through his whole career: starting with his track history, and then moving to the trails to become one of the most successful ultra trail runners in the last couple of years. As we shared a couple newsletters ago, Jim has been training HARD for the upcoming marathon trials which will decide the makeup of the USA marathon team which will represent the country in the Olympics.

Do you think one of the best ultra trail runner in the world right now has a shot at making the olympics?

You can read the article here.

New #Explore Plan: Dylan Bowman

Don’t have much time to train? Find it hard to balance work, family, friends and running? Great news: Dylan’s designed a training plan specifically for busy trail runners like you. Check out Dylan’s brand new TRAIL MARATHON training plan!

You can see Dylan’s #Explore plan here.

“Gut Training”

If you’ve run an ultra, you know that one of the key aspects is being able to eat a ton of food along the way. So if you’re starting to train for an Ultra, or just want to improve your last time if you had a bad experience with your stomach, you’ll appreciate these tips for “training” the gut. Basically, you need to take advantage of all those long runs that you have in your training plan to eat like you would in your race, and try to replicate this as many times as posible while you can. Trust us that having a rock-solid stomach for your next race will be a huge benefit that you’ll appreciate–especially towards the end of your race.

You can read the article here.


What to watch:

We’re back with another FKT attempt video, but this time, we’re back to the usual mountain scenery. Trail runners Yassine Diboun (USA) and Xu Lin Ju (China) set out to try the FKT for the circumnavigation of Mount St. Helens in an “un-supported” style. Very good video about the highs and lows that you experience while trying an FKT that is longer than usual–and up and down a peak!

You can watch the video here.

What to listen to:

How many of you have heard about Chrissie Wellington, the un-defeated triathlon champ that dominated the Ironman scene a while ago? Well, we leave you with this great two-part podcast/interview that goes through Chrissie’s history with the sport, how she started out really late and a lot of good insights about ways to deal with the pain and frustration that many of us have for sure experienced in our own races. The interview concludes with some questions about her foray into the ultra-trail world in the last couple of seasons.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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