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Vert Beats #9 09-06-2019

Post U-T-M-B Week – Photo Copyright: 

Last week was what can probably be considered the most important week of the year in trail running: UTMB week. As usual, the festival of races gave us stellar races for both women and men. It’s also worth mentioning that the entire set of races is becoming more competitive every year, as runners from around the world–who have trained for months or even years–don bibs to race in Chamonix. 

Although the UTMB itself is the race that most of us (and the media) pay the most attention to, the festival’s other races also had great performances in both the women’s and men’s races. From the OCC to the TDS, athletes from around the globe raced hard, making the whole week very exciting for those of us following from outside of Cham. (Plus: a shout out to one of our co-founders, Moisés Jiménez, who finished 16th in the UTMB last Saturday!) 

If you didn’t follow all the UTMB action last week, you should check out this great UTMB recap from iRunfar. You can also read and watch a bunch of great pre- and post-UTMB material from iRunfar by clicking here


Winners of the 2019 UTMB

Pau Capell and Courtney Dauwalter’s names will both go down in history after winning this year’s edition of the UTMB. Both race with very different styles: Pau raced the front of the pack since the very first minute and managed to hold his lead through to the end, and Courtney’s (who described how she had to fight mentally and physically throughout the course) consistency and strength which brought her a UTMB win. Really inspiring performances on both sides, and cool to see how each runners’ racing style brought victory. 


Billy Yang’s pre- and post- podcast shows

Last weekend, Billy Yang sat down with runners and coaches in Chamonix to interview them before UTMB; in the interviews, he discussed the USA men’s chances at finally winning the UTMB. After the race, he sat down with other guests to finally recap what happened at this year’s edition of the race, and to talk about what went wrong for the USA men’s races. Even though we already know how the race shook out, his pre- and post-show podcasts are definitely worth a listen. 

You can listen the podcast here. 



What to read:

Maybe you’ve wondered at least once (we definitely have): how many miles and how much vert does Kilian Jornet clock on a weekly basis? Well, now Kilian has shared a detailed post about his training and racing this year. As expected, it’s amazing to see what he does training-wise–and it’s also a good reminder that we all need to have a training specific plan to follow, which is adapted to our specific goals and daily life context. By the way, Kilian is now approaching the Everest base camp for a fall attempt at the peak…sure to be exciting!

You can read the post here. 

What to watch:

We know we’ve already talked A LOT about UTMB, but it’s impossible not to leave you with this final highlight video recap. The race goes around the Mont Blanc; it starts in France, then crosses through Italy and Switzerland. If you don’t already feel UTMB FOMO, this video will leave you with some serious desire to race in Chamonix. 

You can watch the video here.

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