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Vert Beats: + FKT’s

+ FKT’s

By this time of the year, we’d normally be talking all about race results or the coming races in the peak of the season…luckily, FKTs and cool personal projects are booming, so we’ve all still got some content and motivation in this…unique year.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting FKTs from these last couple of days:

-The Tahoe Rim Trail has seen a lot of action with the unsupported FKT’s on the female side by Candice Burt and Kyle Curtin on the male side. Also, the overall record, that was in Kilian hands for more than 10 years, got broken by Adam Kimble.
-The FKT’s of one of the most iconic (and long) trails in UK: The Pennine Way, got broken last week by John Kelly and at this moment is currently with another attempt by Damian Hall.
-Finally, Sabrina Verjee became the first lady to summit the whole 214 peaks of the lake district. Epic.

Are you planning on trying your own personal Ultra adventure sometime in the near future? We leave you with this article from Trail Runner Magazine and some key tips from one of the masters of this type of adventure running: Ryan Sandes.



What to watch:

“All you need are shoes.” Have you ever said this, or heard someone say this, about how simple and accessible running is? We’ve certainly said it. This week, we learned from this video from NPR’s Code Switch–featuring runner and activist Alison Désir–about the historical whiteness of running…and why it’s absolutely not true that “all you need are shoes” to connect with our sport.

Watch/listen to the 8 minute video episode from NPR’s Code Switch.

What to watch:

A while back, we shared a profile video about Nepalese runner Mira Rai–but today, we share with you this more in-depth video about her story, where she comes from, how she started running and how basically one race changed her life. Mira is a perfect example of how our sport can impact lives, ourselves, and the athletic community for good.

You can watch the video about Mira here.

What to listen to:

Talking about all the action on the “Tahoe Rim Trail” of late…we leave you with this interview from the Ginger Runner with Candice Burt, who managed to break the unsupported FKT a few days ago. Candice has been on the Ultra scene for a while now, (actually this was not her first attempt at the Tahoe Rim Trail) and besides focusing on running super long distances, she also directs 3 of the 200 mile races that take place in the U.S.

You can listen to the interview here.

During the month of July, we’re challenging everyone (including ourselves) to donate to Black Girls Run. How? By pledging based on how many miles you run this month! Want in? Just hit “reply” and say, “I want to donate!”


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