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Vert Beats: New plan #Explore for Ultras with Ruth Croft

Brand new #Explore plan: Train for an Ultra with Ruth Croft

Exciting news for you this week: we just launched a brand new training plan made by none other than…Ruth Croft!

Yep, that’s right–THE Ruth Croft. We’re talking about a plan designed by the 2x winner of the OCC + Mont Blanc Marathon, winner of the CCC by UTMB, and podium finisher in the 2019 Trail Running World Championships

The cool part: Ruth designed this plan specifically for people who want to train for an ultra—while living in a CITY. So for those of you who don’t have daily access to the trails, but want to train for an Ultramarathon–or even an ultra-long outdoor adventure–this plan’s the answer. The even cooler part? Her training plan costs just $6 USD/week.

Learn more about Ruth’s brand new plan here.


What to read:

Ever feel like everyone on Instagram lives in a mountain paradise–besides you? Well, besides the fact that Coronavirus is keeping us all pretty house-bound, you may wonder how to properly train for a trail race when you don’t have the trails at your doorstep…which, for most of us, is our reality. Here’s an article from Trail Runner Magazine with specific tips from Ruth Croft about city training, based on the time she trained in flat, densely-populated Taipei, Taiwan–and won races.

You can read the article here.

What to watch:

We know it’s tough to have races cancelled–but if you need some non-race adventure inspiration, look no further than Cat Bradley, the women’s winner of the 2017 Western States. Here’s a video about one of Cat’s self-described “obsessions,” which is running in the Grand Canyon. More specifically, the famous “Rim to Rim to Rim” trail. Since her previous FKT was beaten, she’s been training hard and preparing to return to the route to reclaim her record. A great example of how not everything has to be about a race and a bib number…sometimes a good adventure can be even more exciting.

You can watch the video here

What to listen to:

Have you heard about the “ITRA”? If you’ve ever had to check your points to qualify for a race (like the UTMB) you’ve probably gone to their site…but apart from that, maybe you don’t know much about them. So ITRA, or the International Trail Running Association, has a new president and they want to become more global (instead of euro-centric) and reach out to trail runners as a whole to share their mission. We leave you with this podcast with the new president and the vision they have for the sport.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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