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Vert Beats: New Pro Athlete Plan: Pascal Egli.

New Pro Athlete Plan: Pascal Egli.

We’re very proud to partner with mountain runner Pascal Egli to bring you a new pro athlete plan! Pascal’s a high-mountain runner, and his plan is designed to get you ready for technical adventures and terrain.

Pascal’s not only a great athlete, but a great ambassador for clean sport and environmental protection. Super happy to team up with him.

If you haven’t already, take a look at his plan—it might be a great fit for you, especially if you’re looking to build your alpine running skills this year.

You can find more details here.


What to watch:

If it weren’t for the pandemic, in this week’s newsletter we would be talking about all Western States 100 things related for sure. But lucky for all of us, we still get to share with you these two nice videos about last year’s race. The first one about that “last mile” and all the things and feelings a runner (in this case Kaytlyn Gerbin) experiences in those last strides of a 100 mile race. And finally, “Golden Hour” which tells the story behind those runners giving their all to cross the finish line under the cut-off to get his finisher buckle…because no matter if you are running for a podium spot or just to be a finisher of a race, we can all relate to the effort of crossing a finish line.

You can watch “The Last Mile” Here.
You can watch “Golden Hour” here.

What to watch:

The YouTube channel “Wild Ginger Running” (which by the way you should check it out) got to sit down with the one and only Ruth Croft and catch up with her about how she’s been dealing with the lockdown situation, a bit of her background and tons of good training tips regarding training for an Ultra and living in a city.

You can watch the live interview here.

What to listen to:

Finally we leave you with this podcast from Mario Fraioli interviewing the american ultra runner Yassine Diboun. Yassine has a very powerful story about getting into endurance sports as a way to help himself with getting sober and how in that process he realized that sharing his story could inspire other people to get sober too. Regarding the subject of becoming an example, he feels like today more than ever it’s important to have diversity of role models in our sport if we want to really become a more inclusive and welcoming community as a whole.

You can listen to the interview here.

During the month of July, we’re challenging everyone (including ourselves) to donate to Black Girls Run. How? By pledging based on how many miles you run this month! Want in? Just hit “reply” and say, “I want to donate!”


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