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Vert Beats: x Skyrunner Virtual Series

New training plan: x Skyrunner

We know this year’s been a really different one…with no races or clear objetives in the near future, we know it’s very hard to keep up the motivation to be active and train like we used to before this pandemic.

We think that virtual challenges might be the best option for sticking with a training goal–so we’re really happy to announce our partnership with the Skyrunner® World Virtual Series!

Yep! It’s a brand new FREE training plan. It’s live now, and you can train for the next virtual race in the series!

You can check out the plan here.

UTMB 2020: cancelled

One of the most anticipated pieces of news in our sport–whether you were running the race or not–was if the UTMB would still happen in August. This week, we finally found out about the final decision regarding the festival of races…and, it’s what was expected: cancelled until 2021. We knew the odds of putting on such a big an international event like this in the next couple of months was going to be really low, but there were still people with hope that the race was going to be able to happen somehow.

We’re very sorry if you were supposed to be running one of the UTMB races this year, but luckily for us trail runners, the mountains will be waiting for when we can get back out there.


What to watch:

No FKT or incredible challenge in this week’s video recommendation. Just two friends running and scrambling in one of the most beautiful places in the world for mountain running: Norway. We leave you with this video to keep you motivated and fired up for when it’s time to get back to running where we want, and with who we want.

You can watch the video here.

What to read:

A few weeks ago, Mike McKnight set out to do a challenge he had dreamt about and planned for a while now: running 100 miles with no calories at all. Yep, that’s right. Mike completed the mythical distance, consuming just water and salts. He finished in less than 19 hours–a result that surprised even him. We definitely don’t encourage this type of “experiment” with-yourself as it’s way too extreme, but it’s still interesting to read about.

You can read more here.

What to listen to:

We’ve recommend Kilian’s podcast and interviews before, but is it hard no to share when a new one comes out. This latest one is very long and specific–it focuses on training and performance, which Kilian knows a lot about. We leave you with this podcast from SweatElite, divided in two parts, where you can listen to: Kilian’s experience training at altitude, how many miles and vertical gain he runs in a normal week, and a bit of the “experiments” he has done on himself regarding nutrition and sleep deprivation and more. Definitely worth a listen.

You can listen the first part here and the second here.

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