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Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Personalized training for Trail running & Ultramarathons

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Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Hi, we’re Vert.

Trail running and ultramarathon training usually means one thing: races.

But what if we trained…just for ourselves? To spend more time out, to clear our heads, to breathe nature. 

What if we changed our relationship to training? 

Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Trail running and ultramarathon training usually means one thing: races.

But what if we trained…just for ourselves?

Just to be better. Stronger. Sharper. More accountable.

To spend more time out, to clear our heads, to breathe nature. 

What if we changed our relationship to training? Maybe it’s not the boring part, but the awesome part.

Think about it.

Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Join us.

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Emily Marfell
30. November, 2020.
I have just finished my first three month plan; the Dylan Bowman 50K. I was stoked with how Moi and the team kept me engaged and on track! I ran my goal trail races really well and though I’ve been running for years, I had major improvements this time because, I think, I tapered better and was stronger and didn’t get injured by doing too much! Then... a surprise... I competed in a little local triathlon that I’ve done for probably ten years, and despite being 42 I managed to win the thing! That is all for you! 2mins faster than ever before over 50min for me and I wasn’t even specifically aiming for this race! So.. I am hooked! Thank you team! The platform is simple and smart, your feedback perceptive and without delay. Now for the first time ever I have the confidence to try for a proper ultra. Can’t wait!
Erin Beveridge
24. November, 2020.
This platform is brilliant. So refreshing to have something for off road that uses metrics that make sense and people that understand how trail running is different. Feedback is great and frequent. Only too happy to help flex to your scehdule and needs. Can see progression after just 5 weeks! Way way more than i ever expected at this price point!
Lucy M
22. November, 2020.
Great training plans with really responsive coaches. I've completed two training plans (so far!) and enjoyed the progression through the weeks. Moi adapted my plan to fit around my needs. The plans kept me on track and the feedback from Moi kept me motivated. I've had great results, signing up for another one!
Gregorio Aiello
19. November, 2020.
Great platform and great idea, it's good to find help in the training, hope it thrives!
Michael v.
10. November, 2020.
After attempting my own training plans pulled together from random books, websites, and articles, and failing to follow them too many times, I've finally found a structure that works really really well! Awesome plans, well laid out and easy to follow, and the online coach feedback concept is perfect! It's not in your face, nor too laid back, they check in regularly and motivate/advise when needed, it's a great balance of self-responsibility and structured training. The plan does kick off quite intensely from the start, so I would recommend having a small base level of fitness, but after the initial week and adapting to the time/intensity, you go at your own pace and after about week 3 I had already noticed massive improvements in my strength and endurance, and now 9 weeks in am cruising the long runs and digging my running again! 10/10 would highly recommend, pull the trigger and start smashing out those trails again!
Philip Collier
8. November, 2020.
I love the concept, striking the balance between off-the-shelf training plans and hiring a trail running coach, and making trail running coaching more accessible. The team is responsive, and provide useful and helpfully feedback - and the response time is excellent. It can be tricky finding the right programme but the team are good in helping choose which one works for you. An online coach can provide an accountability partner who helps to keep you on track with training. I found the addition of strength and mobility videos perhaps one of the most useful elements - the parts of training we tend to ignore. I enjoyed the base training programme so much I did it twice, increasing my weekly distance by 200% and doing so without injury or over training. The additional strength and mobility workouts helped to improve on weakness and significantly improved my running on technical trails. The team was great in tweaking the programme to accommodate my life. Well done team!!
Jaqui O'Donohoe
2. November, 2020.
I loved vertrun. My coach was very helpful with advice and tips and helped me work around lockdown restrictions with my training. He was quick to comment on my days and provide feedback. I’ll be back again soon!
Quentin Verseput
26. October, 2020.
Vert.Run is a very efficient and personal way to upgrade my trailrunning game. Contact with the trainers really easy and gives you that little bit extra push in your training. In a weird year without real races, the team keeps me motivated and helps me reach the next level
Olivia Barnes
21. October, 2020.
Vert run is an amazing training plan platform run by real humans and awesome athletes. I would highly reccomend Vert run for anyone's running goal, whether big or small. It is the whole package from running to strength training to timing advice on training and races. 10 out of 10
Andy Ritchie
19. October, 2020.
I was a newbie to running (age 48) when I found the VertRun coaching plans online earlier this year, I think up to that point my longest run clocked in at around 12kms. I signed up to Dylan`s coaching plan in April as I had aspirations to run a half marathon sometime over the next few months but had no idea how to train for it. What I found was that the guys at VertRun became my own personal cheer squad, every comment I made on the coaching interface, they gave me feedback and encouragement on. I followed the plan and my running improved out of sight. Massive PBs in every distance up to 30kms, including a 1.47 half marathon. After completing Dylan`s plan I moved onto Lucy`s to prepare for a 50k trail ultra. I absolutely loved that plan as well. Great structure and consistency and it helped me to not only complete the ultra but finish in the top 20% overall. An achievement beyond my wildest dreams. I would highly highly recommend the guys at VertRun for runners of every capability. Happy trails!

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