The training platform for

trail running + Ultramarathons

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Let’s redefine your training journey together.

The training platform for trail running + Ultramarathons

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Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Hi, we’re Vert.

Trail running and ultramarathon training usually means one thing: races.

But what if we trained…just for ourselves? To spend more time out, to clear our heads, to breathe nature. 

What if we changed our relationship to training? 

Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Trail running and ultramarathon training usually means one thing: races.

But what if we trained…just for ourselves?

Just to be better. Stronger. Sharper. More accountable.

To spend more time out, to clear our heads, to breathe nature. 

What if we changed our relationship to training? Maybe it’s not the boring part, but the awesome part.

Think about it.

Let’s redefine your training journey together.

Join us.

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Olivia Barnes
21. October, 2020.
Verified review
Vert run is an amazing training plan platform run by real humans and awesome athletes. I would highly reccomend Vert run for anyone's running goal, whether big or small. It is the whole package from running to strength training to timing advice on training and races. 10 out of 10
Andy Ritchie
19. October, 2020.
Verified review
I was a newbie to running (age 48) when I found the VertRun coaching plans online earlier this year, I think up to that point my longest run clocked in at around 12kms. I signed up to Dylan`s coaching plan in April as I had aspirations to run a half marathon sometime over the next few months but had no idea how to train for it. What I found was that the guys at VertRun became my own personal cheer squad, every comment I made on the coaching interface, they gave me feedback and encouragement on. I followed the plan and my running improved out of sight. Massive PBs in every distance up to 30kms, including a 1.47 half marathon. After completing Dylan`s plan I moved onto Lucy`s to prepare for a 50k trail ultra. I absolutely loved that plan as well. Great structure and consistency and it helped me to not only complete the ultra but finish in the top 20% overall. An achievement beyond my wildest dreams. I would highly highly recommend the guys at VertRun for runners of every capability. Happy trails!
Ryan Tipps
13. October, 2020.
Verified review
I signed up for when I started planning for a trail half marathon -- I am a new trail runner who had never done a race on roads or trails that far before. Through Vert, I had a coach who would tailor just the right training strategy to my needs (keeping my past injury history in mind) and check in with me a couple of times a week, offering encouragement when needed. When training got hard or I felt I didn’t have the spark I needed on a given day, my coach was someone to talk to, someone who knew this sport and understood the mental ups and downs that a trail runner can go through. Vert's strategy isn’t overbearing or excessively intense, but it is motivational and forward-thinking. Sure enough, come race day, I hit my goals and then some!
12. October, 2020.
Verified review
I signed up to after training myself for some time. I was mid way through a training block and having some issues and where my training didn’t seem to be effective but also I felt like I was overtraining. They took some time on the chat to help me choose the right plan for my race (50 miles in the mountains) and my current fitness level and customised the plan to make the schedule fit the race date. They even helped me to change the date of the race at the last minute when COVID restrictions caused our plans to change. The plan itself was really good... it helped me to stay motivated and make every session planned, because I knew the purpose of each session. Having this structure in my training really helped me to progress, beyond what I had been doing ... just running more miles! The other part of vert that is great is seeing the coach comments on your runs twice a week... it definitely provides that little extra incentive to complete each workout and do well! I don’t think I would have been successful running my first 50 miler without having this coaching, I would definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a coach who wants to train for trail or ultra racing. It really is the next best thing to having a coach, but at a fraction of the price!
Fabiø Sandrin
7. October, 2020.
Verified review
Very kind persons! Always available. I advise!
Kari Ramírez
7. October, 2020.
Verified review
Por lejos las mejor que he tenido en estos 3 años. Me han ayudado a crecer como persona, y eso no tiene precio. Siempre estan dispuesto a ayudarme y a mejorar en la montaña. Y lo otro , que al menos para mi adquiere un doble valor, es que cada vez que lanzo una idea-proyecto en la montaña , SIEMPRE me han dicho que " lo de todo " y que estarán ahi para seguir ayudandome. Cada vez que hago algo en la montaña, me siento respaldada y cuidada.
Ryan Epp
5. October, 2020.
Verified review is an EXCELLENT interactive coaching platform - one with the potential to benefit ALL ability levels from amateur to avid enthusiasts and even running professionals! The team's wealth of experience, individually customized training programs, and almost immediate responsiveness and communication are unparalleled! I came from more of a cycling background with some experience in 1/2 marathons and 1 marathon. Max was able to build a program for me, track my progress, provide answers to questions, give technical and specific suggestions, and ultimately prepare me for my first Ultra Marathon. I would, and have, recommended to other runners looking to train for a specific event or take their running capabilities to the next level - great job team!
Karina Ramírez Agurto
10. December, 2019.
Verified review
Lo mejor de lo mejor . La plataforma es muy buena y las respuestas a los comentarios es eficiente y clara .
Aryn Yancher
4. December, 2019.
Verified review is a great option for those entering the world of ultra running. I'm a more seasoned ultra runner and it wasn't perfect for my upcoming 24-hour track race, but it's a great tool for those getting started. I would highly recommend using or a coach as transitioning to ultras is very different than road marathons or shorter trail distances.

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