Running in the rain is cool and great for our health.

Some people tend to just not train or choose the treadmill when it is raining, but actually they’re missing out.

Running under the rain in the right places it’s safe and it’s a great way to run with clean air and feel you’re doing something epic, even if it’s a 30 minutes short run or trail run, you will see the difference. 

The things to avoid while running in the rain will be rock and/or tree fallings, so make sure you go to places where trees are stable (like you don’t normally see trees falling after rainy days) and avoid running next to cliffs or potential rock falling places. 

Once you’re running and safe, enjoy it! Really it’s very cool and also will have a positive impact on you:

Rain and waterfalls are natural negative ion generators and negative ions are good for us, why? 

  • Theories suggest that negative ions increase serotonin levels to boost our mood and energy, alleviate depression and provide stress-relief.

Basically, you will feel better afterwards, I’m not an expert on this by any means but after noticing how good I feel every time I run under the rain I did some reading and wanted to share it with you. 

So, do you like to run on the rain or not? Or are you willing to try it out at least? 

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