2024 Trail Alsace Grand-Est by UTMB 50km: Training plans, distance, date, location, and more

Find out all you need to know about the Trail Alsace Grand-Est by UTMB 50km – including how to train with our personalized training plan for your race. Including weekly coach support, by a real-human coach.

About the race:

Marking its place in the idyllic locale of Barr, France, the Trail des Celtes invites participants to embark on a 50-kilometer trail race, scheduled for May 20, 2024. With the challenge of negotiating the hilly and captivating terrains, runners will ascend a cumulative 1990 meters, confronting both their physical and mental fortitude amidst the undulating landscapes. The journey meanders through charmingly robust vineyards, under the protective canopy of dense forests, and alongside historical markers that whisper tales of ancient Celtic inhabitants, providing a layered, immersive experience. The Trail des Celtes, while demanding in its elevation and distance, also provides a sublime traverse through nature’s beauty and historical richness, crafting a race experience that is as deeply evocative as it is physically challenging.


Monday May 20, 2024


Barr, France

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How to train for Trail Alsace Grand-Est by UTMB 50km: Trail Alsace Grand-Est by UTMB 50km with our personalized training plan, officially designed for your race.

To train for Trail Alsace Grand-Est by UTMB, you’ll need a personalized training plan and to build up your weekly mileage progressively. This is why we have designed a specific training program for this race. 

Unlike other apps, Vert.run is the official coaching partner for the UTMB World Series, and we offer a personalized training program with a personal real-human coach, who will guide your training every week.

With Vert.run, your running coaching app, you get a personalized training plan that:

  • Structures your week and sets out all sessions for you, with the support and guidance of your vert.run coach. 
  • Automatically adjust your mileage and types of runs to help you perform at your best, depending on your experience, where you leave, and your training conditions. 
  • Incorporates a variation in your training load and strength training, to prepare for your next race, independently if you live in the city or the mountains. 
  • Helps you manage your recovery, with the guidance of your coach. 

Having a plan will also help with accountability, meaning that you can focus purely on improving your running game.

Check out our personalized Alsace training. 

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