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Train like a pro with Hillary Allen training program.

From $25/month


No matter where you live or if you have trail running experience, train for your next trail race or Ultra with a weekly training plan + answers to your training questions from our on-call coaches + weekly tips from profesional trail runners.


Receive a weekly training plan, designed for all levels of experience. For races/distances of up to 20 miles (32k.)


Train, analyze and improve your progress and results with a private trail running coach.

We asked our community how they're confronting COVID-19.

Here's what they said.

"Thank you! You guys are awesome. I've been doing all the free workouts so far! Love it, thank you."

What’s your goal or plan for when all of this is “over?”

"My plan for when this is all over is to run more races. A goal would be to not just sign up for a couple of races and treat them as life or death. Also I won’t take for granted getting to run alongside The Dashing Whippets. Running clubs just got even more special."

How do you think you can “come back stronger” after all the COVID-19 changes?

"I’ve definitely had time to work on muscle imbalances and weaknesses...but for real this time. It’s always something I feel like I need to address, but time doesn’t always allow... At least that’s what I tell myself. This strange time is helping me learn about how to structure my days, organize priorities, and manage time better."

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free indoor training plan

COVID – 19 is impacting everyone’s lives and lifestyles. To protect ourselves + others, many of us trail runners are now training from our living rooms We know that many of you are worried about losing your fitness. Or, maybe you count on running for your mental health. We’re feeling all of this, too. That’s why we’ve just created a brand new “indoor” training plan. It’s designed specifically for trail runners. It’s free. And you can start using it right now.

How does it work?

  • The plan is free, and is 4 weeks long. It’s structured to keep up your trail shape, even in these tough conditions. 
  • The plan is “smart,” which means that it auto-adapts to each runner’s level. Anyone who’s staying home but wants to keep moving can train with this plan. 
  • Each workout is designed to build strength, power and stability–all skills that will serve you when you get back to the trails.
  • Join our community. We, the co-founders of, will be doing these routines too from our homes. These are tough times–let’s stick together. 


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