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Vert Beats #30 01-31-2020

Best trail running shoes for 2020

We know that for us as trail runners, shoes are one of the most important things we have to make decisions about. Honestly, choosing a good shoe can often make a race either really great or really terrible. They hold a lot of power, eh?

We just published a guide of our favorite 2020 trail running shoes! Give it a read, and give us a shout if you feel like we missed a great shoe!

Also, iRunfar just published an article about the new shoes that’ll be coming out this spring/summer–it’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking to dig deep into what’ll be showing up on the market in the next few months.

Kilian Jornet announce race calendar for 2020.

Last week, Kilian announced on his 2020 race calendar on Instagram. As per usual, there were some surprises in there. Just like in the last few years, he won’t be racing many “official” races (just two in 2020, which will be a ski race and the Pikes Peak Marathon.) Instead, he’ll focus more on personal projects and on training. The big surprise for the year: he hinted that he’ll be toeing the start line of a road race. What?!

You can see his Instagram post here.

Paddy Buckley Round in the Winter

We’ve talked about “the rounds” before… and while maybe you’re just familiar with the most famous of all, The Bob Graham, there are other rounds in the UK that are just as challenging as the Bob Graham Round. And as if completing them in the summer weren’t already hard enough, runners are now starting to set winter records. Two days ago, Damian Hall completed the Paddy Buckley round in a winter record time (he also holds the summer record) traversing 61 miles over the rugged mountains of Wales completely unsupported: he even took a bus to the “start line.”

You can read more here.


What to watch:

Of course we’ve got to share this new interview of one of our favorite people/runners in the sport…being interviewed on one of our favorite podcasts. But instead of just listening, this time around we can definitely recommend watching the interview on YouTube, too. In this video, Rich Roll interviews Rickey Gates. They dive deep into Rickey’s project of crossing the USA by running, and he also shares some scenes from the movie (not out yet) that’ll accompany his upcoming book.

You can watch the video here

What to listen to:

The famous Ultra Runner Dylan Bowman has just launched a new podcast. Today we recommend you listen one of his first episodes where he interviews the amazing Hillary Allen. We’ve shared articles about Hillary’s story before–but in this podcast with Dylan, she speaks in-depth about her accident in Tromsø, Norway and her recovery process…which came with new, unexpected setbacks in the form of a new injury. She also talks about her TDS race last year where she finished second.

Also: remember that you can train with Hillary’s brand new 50k training program with! Take a look at her plan here.

You can listen to the interview here.

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