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Vert Beats: Indoor Running

Indoor Running

How can I keep running indoors if I don’t have a treadmill?

We know that many of you are stuck indoors. And if our own feelings are any indication, we imagine you might be getting sick of HIIT routines right about now. So, that’s why this week, we created a guide of running-“ish” exercises you can do in your living room, to try to simulate the feeling of running/post-run that we all love and miss.

If you have any exercise ideas, please write us! And honestly, now more than ever, we ask you to please share this with other runners who are having a tough time right now.

You can check out our guide here.

Zero to 100

Since you might have some extra time on your hands right now, we thought we’d share this video about Tom Evans’ 100 mile debut in last year’s Western States. Besides following how his race went (which, FYI, was really good) in the video you can see a lot of interaction between him and his crew, and how important a crew is for a runner to be successful at running really long distances.

You can watch the video here.


What to watch to:

Last week, we shared Kilian’s videos–and this week, we’re sharing what might be one of the most classic films in our sport: Unbreakable The Western States 100. This film is 10 years old now (wow!) but it’s one that you should definitely watch if you haven’t…or even re-watch if you haven’t in a while. The movie follows the race along with the life of the top four contenders for the 2010 podium. You’ll find some famous names in there, and some others that you may not have heard of before. With Unbreakable, we can really see the evolution our sport has gone through in the last decade.

You can watch the movie here.

What to listen to:

This week, Hillary Allen’s podcast talks about exactly what’s probably on your mind right now: Coronavirus, and how the pandemic has affected all of us lovers of the outdoors and endurance activities. Hillary talks about her personal experience with the COVID-19 epidemic (she’s in France right now) and shares a lot of good tips that you could use during these tough times we’re all facing right now.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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