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Vert Beats: New Training plan for Trail Running Beginners

New Training plan: for Trail Running Beginners

Do you have a buddy that you’ve always wanted to join you on a trail run? Or maybe you’re looking to switch from road to trail running? Well, we just launched a brand new (and FREE) training plan for all of you who want to start enjoying the freedom of the trails. It’s designed for beginners of all levels, including zero experience.

Now more than ever, we know that people want to spend more time outside being active–so it’s important to have a guide and some goals to help you along the way in your trail running journey. That’s why we made this plan.

You can find more details here.


What to read:

Another week, another impressive FKT result. This time, it was Corree Woltering with his FKT on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. The route is almost 1,200 miles long, and Coree chased the record continuously for 3 weeks–breaking it by just a few hours. Amazing.

You can read more details about his FKT here.

What to watch:

With a lot of races being cancelled or postponed because of the pandemic, we now realize the importance that these types of events hold in the communities and towns where these races happen. Whether that’s a ski mountain town in the Alps or a very remote village in the mountains of Phillipines, we can see the importance of a race happening in a certain place. We leave you with a short video that talks about that: how a race can change the dynamic of a community, and how important it is that we keep thinking and making our sport more inclusive and sustainable for all.

You can watch the video here.

What to listen to:

Finally, we leave you with a podcast from Billy Yang. In the first part, he talks about how training (or exercise for that matter) can or can’t affect our immune system (related to COVID-19) and in the second part, he interviews the Canadian mountain runner Adam Campbell. Adam shares some very powerful stories about the near-fatal accident he had a few years ago; his comeback to the sport; and the tragic, recent loss of his wife in a skiing accident. Very powerful for sure.

You can listen to the podcast here.

During the month of June, we’re challenging everyone (including ourselves) to donate to Black Men Run. How? By pledging based on how many miles you run this month! Want in? Just hit “reply” and say, “I want to donate!”

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