A free training plan

For all who are new to trail running–even with zero running experience.

No matter if you’re new to running, if you’re a hiker, or a road runner–this plan is for you. 

This plan is designed with 3 levels in mind: no running experience, a little running experience, and some running experience.

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What’s included:

  • You’ll receive your weekly free training program on our platform. We started from zero back when we started trail running, too! Our platform is designed to make your workouts clear, do-able and effective.
  • Access to core and strength routines. Staying injury free is one of the keys of trail running–so it’s important to build a training base. We’ve designed a series of routines to get you there, and assign them in your weekly workouts.


Over 14,000 trail runners around the world have trained with Want to see what we’re all about?

Free trail running training plan for beginners.

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