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Vert Beats: Run Wild

Run Wild

What does running on the trails mean to you? We’re sure everybody could say something different and personal about it, but one of the things that we all may agree with is the feeling of freedom that we get.

In a year that we all are missing running free in the mountains and experiencing the mountains with friends, we recommend this video from Jaybird and their Run Wild series. This time, it’s about three very talented women athletes running in one of the world’s trail running paradises: Chamonix, France.

This video is a good reminder that running should be fun above all, and that it’s a great opportunity to discover new places and share good memories with your friends.

You can watch the video here.



What to read:

So last week, we finally watched what we thought would never happen: Kilian Jornet running his first official 10k on the road…and boy did people take interest in seeing what the famous ultra runner could do on the road. The result? Just under the barrier of the 30 minutes. Read what Kilian himself had to say after the race. Will this be the last and only time we watch Kilian running on flat roads? We doubt it.

Read his post-race thoughts here.

What to read:

A few days ago, the famous “Big Dog Backyard Ultra” finished (if you don’t know, this is the race that has runners starting a 4.16 miles loop every hour until the ‘last person standing’ wins.) And this year, with the pandemic, we had a sort of a virtual world championship with people running the race in different countries at the same time, and being streamed online. In the US, Courtney Daulwater managed to be the last person standing, winning the U.S. race with 68 laps (and matching the record of the race.) And in the worldwide race, Karel Sabbe from Belgium was the winner completing a total of 74 laps. Really next level stuff, especially when you realize that these runners were running for days with no more than 10 minutes of sleep at a time.

Read more details about this year’s race here.

What to listen to:

We keep sharing episodes of Dylan Bowman’s podcast The Well, because it’s just so great. And this time, Dylan interviews Markelle Taylor, who he met while volunteering at a running club at the San Quentin prison in California. During the conversation, Markelle talks about his life story, how he met Dylan through running while serving time and shares overall just a great story about second chances and how working on himself among other things has helped him move on with his life. Very powerful episode.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Like we said back in June, we’ll be donating each month–and encourage you to donate–to a different running group within the Black running and outdoor community. The organization for this month: Black Running Organization

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