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Vert Beats: x Francesco Puppi x Francesco Puppi

At, we keep adding more new training plans with Pro athletes and we’re happy to announce our new collab with Italian mountain runner Francesco Puppi.

One of the things that really stands out in Francesco’s philosophy–plus the fact that he has proven himself with amazing results in both fast and mountain races–is his “Every surface available” approach. Francesco really believes that running on roads can be of benefit for becoming a more efficient (and faster) trail runner in the mountains…and this plan is all about that.

If you’re looking for something to challenge yourself and try something out of your comfort zone, this 8-week plan is really good for work on your overall speed and adaptability.

Find out more details here.


What to read:

Yep, more Kilian content, because…well, it’s Kilian. This time, a very lengthy interview from The Guardian which reviews pretty much all of his career (from a young boy) but also discusses his being an influencer even more than a sportsman in today’s world of social media…and how that makes him and the opportunities (and responsibilities) it opens to make a meaningful change in how our sport works.

You can read the interview here.

What to watch:

The Pennine way (one of the most iconic trails in Scotland) saw a lot of action this season with two record attempts only separated a few days apart, now we share with you the video of the latest of these attempts. This video not only shows the run itself, but also the idea of being more responsible with the environment when doing fkts, and talk about picking up litter along the trail. Finally, it’s very inspiring to see how connected the fell running community is and how this type of project ended up being more of a team effort than a solo mission.

You can watch the video here.

What to listen to:

A few days ago, the Nolan’s 14 route (as a reminder, this is a famous ‘line’ that connect 14 peaks over 14,000 feet in a row in the Colorado high country), had again another record attempt on the women’s side (it was the 4th attempt in the last couple of months.) This time, it was by an ex-record holder, Meghan Hicks–and yet again, this week, Meghan set the new fastest overall women’s time on the route. We leave you with this interview from iRunfar in which she talks about all the little details that go into achieving something like this, from finding the perfect weather window to all the mental aspects needed to accomplish something like this. Finally, Meghan talks about how it’s great to see women trying bigger things in the mountains, mentioning all the amazing performances we have seen this summer and how encouraging it is.

Listen to the interview here

Like we said back in June, we’ll be donating each month–and encourage you to donate–to a different running group within the Black running and outdoor community. The organization for this month: The Melanin Basecamp.


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