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Hi everyone, we’re the #1 leading app for Trail & Ultra runners of all kinds.

We’re a training platform that offers high-quality training programs (from 5k up to 170k!) + real, human coaching for all levels of trail runners. 

No matter if you’re just curious about the trail running lifestyle or training for your next ultramarathon, was made for you!

Today, over 85,000+ trail runners from over 100 different countries (really!) train with But that didn’t happen overnight.

When our founding team first fell in love with running in the mountains, we made so many mistakes. Like, lots of mistakes.

We had literally zero idea where or how to start, and couldn’t afford to pay for a private trail running coach. 

We experimented so you don’t have to.

So, we figured that if we’d been in that boat, that there must be thousands of others there too.

We knew we could combine technology and human coaching to bring the high of trail running to everybody, everywhere.

We wanted to create the same innovation in trail running that we saw in cycling, triathlon and road running training.

That’s how was born.

We started to make trail running accessible to everyone–all income and experience levels.

Private coaching is good–but, we also know that very few people can actually afford it (ourselves included.) 

That’s why in the training app, we offer affordable coaching. Plus in, you’ll belong to a community, have accountability with your personal coach and stay inspired while you train for your next trail race. 

Do you want a great training program, friendly coaching accountability, answers to your questions, and support from a welcoming community as you train for your next trail race–from 5k to 170k? Join our community today! 

Our 5k training plan, trail half marathon training plan, 50k training plan for beginners, 50 mile training plan100 miler training plan and other trail running training plans are definitely about training–but, they’re also about giving you structure. Accountability.

Your training should work around your life–not the other way around. 

We give you the tools to

become a




to go on



The tools to

become a



to go on



Want to see what we’re all about? Check out our free + affordable training plans. 

Try our popular 50k training plan – 12 weeks to run your first ultramarathon.

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