No matter where you are, trail running is the most simple way to explore what’s around you. 

We exist to make trail running accessible and welcoming. At, we make our sport safe and enjoyable by offering professional guidance to everyone who is a part of–or wants to join–the trail running community.

We take the guesswork out of your training.

How many miles should I run each each week? How can I build my uphill skills, or gain confidence in my downhills? How do I balance training with rest and recovery? How can I improve my strength? And most importantly: how can I stay injury-free and truly enjoy those miles?

We take the guesswork out of your training. We’ll deal with the logistics so that you can focus on the best part: running, building trail strength and enjoying those endorphins. 

We’ve got your back so that you can focus on your feet.

Let’s explore.

Our team

Kirsten Kortebein

Kirsten hails from the Midwest and is passionate about flat and steep trails alike. She's a sports photographer whose first-ever publication was with the New York Times when she was 19 years old.

Moisés Jiménez

Moi is an engineer who spends a solid number of hours each day running on trails. This has taken him to races all over the world and led to some awesome results and wins in competitive races.

Max Keith

Max grew up biking in the desert in Chile, and then jumped to the trails. He got hooked on our sport, and has had great trail results around the world. Max's motto: the more technical the trail, the better.

Cristobal Forno

As a father to two daughters and founder of multiple successful companies, Cristóbal still finds time to run and complete at least two 100 mile races per year. In 2017, he ran Western in under 24 hours.
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