Vert Beats #6 08-09-2019

Vert Beats #6 08-09-2019

Photo credit: Martina Valmassoi

Vert Beats #6 08-09-2019

Sierre Zinal. The Classic.

Last week, we said that Sierre Zinal was going to be a crazy race to follow–and it totally was. It was really really exciting to follow the race and the strong field of women and men who ran in the Swiss Alps. 

This year, we got to see amazing performance on both sides with Kilian breaking the standing record by more than 3 minutes in a stellar field of strong guys from all over the world…and on the women’s side, local runner Mathys absolutely destroyed the course record by 5 minutes.

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Leadville 100 - The Race Across The Sky

This Saturday is the Leadville100, one of the oldest and most traditional 100 mile races in the USA. With many editions behind it, this race has become a real classic. Leadville is run at very high altitudes, and tops out at the legendary “Hope Pass” above 14,000 ft. We leave you with this video about the history of the race. Plus: keep an eye out for Team Vert! We’ll be hanging around the course and would love to say hi. 

Meghan Hicks

Meghan Hicks is the Managing Editor of iRunFar, of one of the most visited sites worldwide of all things trail running. Besides being an editor, she’s also an amazing runner. Meghan has a lot of experience in ultramarathons; she’s performed exceptionally well in races like the Marathon des Sables (which she won in 2013), and also does other projects like FKTs of remote routes like the Nolan’s 14. We leave you with this interview so you get to know her better. 

runwithusnegro copy


Consistency is key: this is so true, and we couldn’t agree more. If you want to see any real sustainable progress in this sport (and anything else in life for that matter) you need to put in the hours and training over long periods of time. At Vert, we firmly believe in the power of consistency for seeing real improvement in your trail running fitness and ability, so we always encourage people to start slowly and steadily rather than just starting to load up the miles for a couple of weeks, and then getting tired and doing much less. Slow and steady, not all in and all out. 

By now, we’re sure there are very few of you who haven’t heard of power couple Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet. Both Emilie and Kilian are two of the best trail runners out there, and throughout the past years, they’ve crushed every race and challenge they’ve undertaken. This year, they’re facing something completely different and maybe even more challenging that any race: parenthood. We leave you with this video of how it’s been for both of them. The video especially looks at Emelie’s perspective of being a new mom and still being a full-time athlete. 

Team Vert

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