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10 smart Gifts for Trail Runners and Ultramarathon Runners – Under $100

10 smart Gifts for Trail Runners and Ultramarathon Runners – Under $100

Ever had a hard time knowing what to buy for a trail runner? We know that trail runners and ultramarathon runners are…well…a specific breed of people. Heck, we ourselves belong to the group. So no matter if you’re already indoctrinated or if you’re just looking for a gift for a loved one, we’re pleased to bring you a list of some cool stuff that you can gift a trail or ultrarunner. 

Also, we might get a commission if you buy something directly through here–but just so you know, we’ve only included stuff that we legit like, and think that the trail or Ultra runner in your life will like too. 

Without further ado: a list of the best gifts for ultrarunners and trail runners. 

lime green lightweight trail running hat women-owned running brand rnnr
Copyright - rnnr

An awesome trail running hat

Put some good vibes into any trail runner’s life with this hat for running and trail running from rnnr. It’s both indestructible and machine washable: two features any distance runner needs in a good gift. We at use rnnr hats ourselves and LOVE THEM. (Plus: rnnr is a female-founded company, and donates a portion of its profits to initiatives funding local youth running programs to get kids running!) 
naan energy bar caramel macchiato gift ideas for runners
Copyright - Näak

Freaking delicious fuel 

Näak variety box – from $12.00

Okay we can vouch for Näak stuff personally–IT’S REAL GOOD. Like, “I’m technically not allowed to eat food at my coworking space desk but for Näak bars I break the rule” good. (Speaking hypothetically, of course.)

Plus, take 15% off anything at Näak with the Naak discount code [VERTRUN]!

Copyright - Squirrel's Nut Butter

A chafe-free run

All Natural Anti-chafe Tub – Squirrel’s Nut Butter – $31.95

What? Trail runners chafe? JUST KIDDING, if you’ve spent any time around a trail race (or trail runner) I’m sure you’re über-familiar with…the pre-run lube dance. Give the gift of a chafe run. Enough said.

Give the gift of…running an Ultramarathon! training plan gift card – from $75.00

We couldn’t resist putting our very own training plans on this list–we’re biased, but trail runners love our plans and always tell us they’re the perfect gift. Give the gift of 3 or 6 months of training, and the trail or Ultrarunner in your life can pick from any of our plans, which all include coaching (seriously a good deal….usually, just 1 month of private coaching is easily over $100. Here, you get FIVE months.) Yeehaw.

Copyright - Scott Running

A brand new trail running book

“Out and Back,” by Hillary Allen – $19.95

Most of you’ve probably heard about Hillary Allen’s accident and subsequent amazing story of recovery. It’s one thing to watch someone’s recovery process on social media–but what none of us can know, besides Hillary herself, is the strength and grit it took to make it through not just her accident, but the recovery process. In her new book, available for preorder and coming out in 2021, Hillary shares her story.

Copyright - PRU apparel

Stylish gear for at-home exercises (core and strength routines!)

PRU Apparel workout gear, Elani Set – $39.00

Especially in this year of Covid, a great gift for the ultrarunner in your life is a solid set of exercise gear to brighten up their at-home core, strength and stability routines. Not only is the Elani Set from PRU Apparel beautiful–it’s also squat-proof, aka perfect for the gym (and all those at-home workouts we’re doing this year) and sweat-wicking. (Plus: PRU Apparel is a women-run, Black-owned business!)

Copyright - Athletic brewing

Beer that’s good–and good for you.

Run Wild IPA (Non-Alcoholic) 6-pack – Athletic Brewing – $12.99

Non-alcoholic beer is where it’s at. Seriously. Gift the trail or ultrarunner in your life a 6-pack of this crisp non-alcoholic IPA and wait for the applause. Amazing for after a long trail run–for those times when a runner just really wants a beer, but doesn’t want the alcohol. 

Copyright - Drymax

Trail and ultra running socks

Trail Running ¼ Crew Socks – Drymax – $35.00

Personal experience here:’s CEO (Moisés Jiménez) has toenails like knives. He tears through every pair of socks, ever. EXCEPT DRYMAX SOCKS. How do we know this? We all run-commute to the office. Anyway, these crew socks from Drymax are the perfect gift for any sock-destroying trail runner you might know.

Copyright - Boa shorts

Cool running & trail running shorts

Lightning Bolt Elite Split Shorts – BOA – $38.00

Let’s be honest… they’r cool right? And also, there’s a solid chance these shorts will make your loved one run faster.

Copyright - Muir energy

Plant-based energy gels for runners

Variety 24 Energy Gel Pack – Muir Energy – $58.00

Ever heard the trail runner in your life complain about stomach problems in races or on runs? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Give the gift of no B.S. with these natural energy gels from Muir Energy. (Plus: Muir Energy is a 1% for the Planet member, which means they donate at least 1% of their profits to support environmental nonprofits.)

Copyright - Janji

Sleek running and active lifestyle clothing

Swift Tech Mockneck – Janji – $66.00

Ah, yes–that nice smell of winter running gear, post-run, as it dries out indoors. WELL, let’s get something straight: we can skip this part of the smelly process. Janji’s new long sleeved running shirt for winter is perfect for cold trail runs. It’s not super tight, it’s moisture-wicking, and has anti-odor control. Win for you, win for them.

Copyright - Jaybird

Jaybird running headphones

Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless Sport Headphones – $99 – $159.00

It’s the 2020’s, baby, which means it’s time to put an end to twisted headphone wires. Go wireless with these Jaybird wireless running headphones.

Copyright - Goodr

A squint-free trail run

A Ginger’s Soul – Black on Black Sunglasses from Goodr – $25.00

There are lots of running sunglasses out there…but only one Goodr. Not only are their shades runner-approved, but their website is a hell of a good time.

Copyright - Salomon

Give the gift of running naked

Salomon S/LAB SHORT W – $80.00

…or almost naked. These Salomon shorts are the holy grail of lightweight running gear. No pockets, so keep that in mind if your trail running loved one is a gel-stasher, but for fuel-free runs these shorts are the bomb.

Copyright - Nike

Some rad trail running shoes

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger – $110.00 – $130.00

We’ll start by saying that trail shoes are definitely something that each runner is picky about–so if you don’t know which exact shoes your Ultrarunner likes, maybe opt for a non-shoe gift. Or if you need some advice, check out our shoe guide. But these Nike trail shoes are pretty boss–a pretty safe bet for any Nike fans!

Copyright - Bruce Katlin

Trail running artwork

Paintings and prints by Bruce Katlin, “the trail running artist” – starting at $20.00

Bruce Katlin is a trail runner and artist who creates these pieces while he’s trail running. (It’s really cool–check out his process here.) He’s also offering 20% off all paintings and prints with the code VERT20. – the training platform for trail running + ultramarathons. 

Give the gift of experience – gift a training plan by clicking here.

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