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A journal of a pregnant trail runner: to run or not to run?

A journal of a pregnant trail runner: to run or not to run?

As anticipated by Jenna, who has translated my previous writing into Chinese, we will continue to write on issues related to female runners who are mothers or want to keep moving along the trails pregnant running.

Confessions from the Trail: Running in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

This time, I have to start with a confession. I am currently in the fifth month of my second pregnancy, with a due date at the end of April. Indeed, the current circumstances made clear the direction of our upcoming writings: we will write about my running journey during these upcoming months.

Pushing Boundaries During Pregnancy and Beyond

We will also write about some amazing women who, with their running achievements, challenged the scientific view of a pregnant woman’s limitations.

Some women run marathons at a late stage of pregnancy, and others run 100-mile trail running races shortly after giving birth. I will be honest about the difficulties I will face, but most of all, I want to shed light on the incredible possibilities of a woman’s body. 

Safety First: Adapting My Running Routine During Pregnancy

Throughout this journey, one has to keep in mind that I didn’t start running when I found out I was pregnant. I have been running for years, and my body is trained enough to keep going in my current condition!

Certainly, I had to adapt my training routine to the current situation, shift my mind, and change my priorities: thus, today, I choose safety over speed. I also need to ensure I don’t fall (I fell for the first time while pregnant just after writing down this sentence☺!). I need to make sure I don’t get dehydrated. I also need to accept that in the coming months, I will keep going, which will be the challenge itself, without any additional notes. 

But still, I can remain a happy person as usually I am thanks to running. 

Staying Grounded: The Joy of Running While Pregnant

Finally, keeping all these necessities and limitations in mind, I can continue what I love: running. I can keep fit instead of losing control over my body and remain grounded and connected to nature.

Running on the trail, surrounded by nature, allows me to be connected to Mother Earth. When I am tired, the greenery and the view will recharge my batteries (besides the gels!).

Harmonious Movements: The Benefits of Running While Pregnant

Beside this, it is also one of the sports which is totally fine to do while pregnant. Boxing would be harmful, but the waving movement of the running body is harmonious. If we think what happens to the embryo during this activity the movement of a flying butterflies come into mind. In fact, this ensures me that while it is good for me, it is also good for the baby.

In addition, scientists proved that babies can hear while in the womb, therefore letting the baby hear the flow of the river or waterfalls, the blow of the wind, and the birds’ song is just the best natural music one can expose them to.

Our Mission: Inspiring Pregnant Runners

To conclude, me and Jenna will write on my personal achievements, difficulties or challenges and daily running routes and tell stories of other women who went through the same experience and still kept running with incredible results with the hope that other trained women will not be scared to continue running while pregnant. 

We’re on a mission to help every single runner at the start line of a Skyrunner® World Series race not only to finish, but to have a great time while doing so.

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