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By Lucy Bartholomew

Become an Ultrarunner

For: First time Ultrarunners.

Duration: 12 weeks.

Description: Start a build up from zero, developing your strength, speed and endurance with progressive weeks of training.

Goal: 50 to 60k

For: Experienced trail runners.

Duration: 12 weeks.

Description: Exigent workouts from week one, this program is mostly focused on performance. 

Goal: 50 to 60k

By Hillary Allen

Run a 50k and finish strong

For: All levels of trail runners.

Duration: 12 weeks.

Description: Smart build up with challenging workouts week after week to close the program with a solid back to back workout.

Goal: 50 to 60k

By Vert.run

Climb Strong and Build Endurance

For: All levels of trail runners.

Duration: 12 weeks.

Description: Start with key hills and climbs workouts while you increase your training load week after week, developing your endurance. 

Goal: 50 to 60k

🔑 Training and racing resources

🏋️ Strength, core, stability resources

Reduce your risk of injury. Feel stable and confident in the mountains. Become a stronger trail runner with our conditioning exercises.

Here’s how to do these conditioning + strength exercises for trail runners.

Basic tips:

Listen to your body. Don’t overexert yourself, and only do all the repetitions once you feel ready.

If you need a break, take one. Pause a little bit between each exercise; the most important thing is to execute the movements correctly. This helps avoid fatigue and stress, which are things that can spell injury later down the line.

The only way to develop results from conditioning exercises is to do your routine every week. It takes dedication—strengthening our bodies isn’t a one or two-time deal. 

Enjoy the process, and remind yourself why you do these exercises: to support you when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Trail running & Ultramarathon training plans and workouts by world class athletes for trail running races of 50k, 80k, 100k, and more.

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