HIIT - Core

A living room workout for trail runners

HIIT - Core work by vert.run


If you’re not able to leave your house–for example, due to social distancing from COVID-19–this HIIT core routine will give you the best of both worlds: a strong core, and an intensity workout at the same time. 

A strong core helps us to align and improve our running posture, which translates into improved control and resistance.  

While following along with our HIIT core video, remember: 

  • To take a break if you need one. We repeat each exercise for 1 minute, but if you’re just starting out, follow along for 30 seconds and then rest for another 30. Over time, you’ll get to a full minute.
  • Quality is greater than quantity. We’d much rather have you do fewer repetitions–but to do them well–than to do them poorly. By starting low, you’ll build a solid foundation from which you can later do more reps. 

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