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Tempo runs for trail runners

Tempos are moderately hard efforts that you can sustain for extended periods (up to an hour) without exceeding your “lactate threshold”— the pace at which blood lactate waste starts accumulating faster than it can be flushed out and you begin

Running down on the dust

Easy days have to be easy

Easy days are just as important as workout days. Recover better to run faster: in this article we will explore how to find the appropriate intensity and the right approach to recovery days. Francesco Puppi – coach. The secret

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How to really take advantage of a recovery day

Sometimes we love them, other times we hate them, but we all know we need them every now and then. Rest days are a tricky topic, especially for trail and ultra runners. Francesco Puppi – coach. We all feel

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Mejores zapatillas de trail running – 2021

Nota: no tiene ningún tipo de afiliación ni relación con ninguna de las marcas acá mencionadas. En somos fanáticos de las zapatillas de trail! (y bueno, todo lo relacionado con trail running en verdad) Año nuevo, guía nueva

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