Trail running es más que solo correr, inspírate y aprende con nosotros.


What to eat on a intensity trail running training

Intensity workouts are tricky, you want to run fast, hard and feel strong but at the same time we’re more sensitive to everything, and mostly to eating. Our body is so focused on the running hard part of it that

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How to pace yourself on a long climb

This is a key element on mountain running, pacing yourself. You know that the easiest is to start hard and feel like a superhero in the first ⅓ of the climbs right? And then… probably crawl to the top. The


Running in the rain is cool and great for our health.

Some people tend to just not train or choose the treadmill when it is raining, but actually they’re missing out. Running under the rain in the right places it’s safe and it’s a great way to run with clean air

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Vert Beats: Jim Walmsley Hardrock 100

Jim Walmsley – Hardrock 100 En el mes de Julio y sin previo aviso ni mucha prensa al respecto, nos enteramos de otro corredor reconocido que se sumaba a la tendencia de intentar un récord; Jim Walmsley en la ruta