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What’s back to back training

Back-to-back trainings are done for two main reasons. Firstly, back-to-backs build your endurance; secondly, they increase your tolerance for long hours of running, and teach your body and mind how to run on tired legs (this is especially useful in

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Vert Beats #28 01-17-2020

UTMB Lottery winners We imagine a lot of you heard from UTMB last week about whether or not you got a spot in one of the series’ 2020 races. We really hope you did–and if so, we wish you a


Vert Beats #27 01-10-2020

New training plan #Explore with Hillary Allen We’ve got some big news this week: we just launched a brand new #Explore Plan designed by Hillary Allen! Hillary’s teamed up with us to bring you a 50k training plan throughout which

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Vert Beats #26 01-03-2020

Strava year in review 2019 We know that a lot of you are active Strava users, so we thought that you would enjoy this recap that the platform does every year about all the activities uploaded to it, and how

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Vert Beats #24 12-27-2019

Happy Holidays! This is the last Vert Beats of the year, and we couldn’t be more happy for what we have accomplished–with you–this year. We can’t say thanks you enough to all 11,000 of you who have trusted us with

rob krar

Vert Beats #23 12-20-2019

Rob Krar’s Never-Ending Race We’re sure heard of Rob Krar and his victories at Western States–or, that you’ve heard of at least one of his many first places over the years in the ultra world. But maybe not so many

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