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Vert Beats: New Indoor Training Plan.

New Indoor Free Plan’s By now, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives in ways most of us couldn’t have imagined just a few weeks ago.


Vert Beats #34 02-28-2020

Paul Tierney: Running The Wainwrights It’s not the first time that we’re sharing news from the UK fell running scene and the records that are frequently set on these iconic

pau artic run

Vert Beats #33 02-21-2020 –

Pau Capell – “Run for the Artic” Pau Capell (who by now probably doesn’t need much intro considering the rocking 2019 season that he had) just launched a video with

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Vert Beats #32 02-14-2020

Jim Walmsley – USA Marathon Trials It’s not often that our sport appears in massive media outlets like the New York Times, so when it does, our niche sport has

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Vert Beats #31 02-07-2020

New Rules from the “World Athletics” (yes, we’re talking about shoes) Continuing with the topic of shoes like in our last newsletter, this week “World Athletics” came out with their

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Vert Beats #30 01-31-2020

Best trail running shoes for 2020 We know that for us as trail runners, shoes are one of the most important things we have to make decisions about. Honestly, choosing


Best Trail Shoes: 2020

Which shoes should I buy?” Trail shoes are definitely (and rightfully so) one of the hottest topics among trail runners. Not only are the options seemingly endless, but each person’s

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Vert Beats #29 01-24-2020

Runner v/s Base Jumper After so many years of seeing Kilian doing some pretty epic stuff, you’d think that he’s out of surprises. But in his latest video with a

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Vert Beats #28 01-17-2020

UTMB Lottery winners We imagine a lot of you heard from UTMB last week about whether or not you got a spot in one of the series’ 2020 races. We


Vert Beats #27 01-10-2020

New training plan #Explore with Hillary Allen We’ve got some big news this week: we just launched a brand new #Explore Plan designed by Hillary Allen! Hillary’s teamed up with

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Vert Beats #26 01-03-2020

Strava year in review 2019 We know that a lot of you are active Strava users, so we thought that you would enjoy this recap that the platform does every

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Vert Beats #25 12-27-2019

Happy Holidays! This is the last Vert Beats of the year, and we couldn’t be more happy for what we have accomplished–with you–this year. We can’t say thanks you enough

rob krar

Vert Beats #24 12-20-2019

Rob Krar’s Never-Ending Race We’re sure heard of Rob Krar and his victories at Western States–or, that you’ve heard of at least one of his many first places over the

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 16.20.22

Vert Beats #23 12-13-2019

“Rolling Mountains” – Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell project. Can you imagine being able to travel the world, with your family, and running amazing trail races on every continent? Well,


Vert Beats #22 12-06-2019

“Becoming a Marathoner” We know that a lot of you didn’t come to the trails from a road running background–lots of you might have come from another sport, from track

mira rai

Vert Beats #21 11-29-2019

Mira Rai Not so long ago, Mira Rai’s name might not have rung a bell for people in the trail running world. But throughout last few years, this Nepalese runner

Nuit blanches

Vert Beats #20 11-22-2019

Nuits Blanches – Alexis Berg You like running at night? I think a lot of you would agree that one of the most challenging things about running an ultra is

ecs sanfran

Vert Beats #19 11-15-2019

TNF ECS San Francisco Like we talked about in last week’s newsletter, the racing season is coming to an end for a lot of trail runners in the northern hemisphere…and

skimo traverse

Vert Beats #18 11-08-2019

Speed Transalp This time of the year, most trail runners in the northern hemisphere are about to take a break from all the training and races they’ve done during the


Vert Beats #17 11-01-2019

Nirmal Purja 14/7 Project At, we get inspired by more than just trail running stuff. A few weeks ago, we shared with you our excitement about Eliud Kipchoge breaking

camp cochrane

Vert Beats #16 10-25-2019

1st Vert Run Academy in Patagonia We’re really happy to share that last week, we had our first “Vert Academy” event, taking more than 60 kids from the town of