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Winter training for trail runners france

Reasons to keep training in winter

As the weather gets colder and rain/snow come along, we all fight the same feeling. We tell ourselves that we want to go out for a run, but at the


How to become a faster runner Strides for Trail an Ultra runners

In this quick strides lowdown, we’ll go over two things: how to do strides, and why they’re important for you as a trail runner. No matter if you’re running short, fast distances or technical, mountainous ultras, strides are a major tool in any runner’s training kit.


Vert Beats: GTS Championship

Azores Trail Run – GTS Championship The year is almost over–and with the situation getting complicated again with the pandemic, this week’s race that happened on the island of Azores


Vert Beats: Run Wild

Run Wild What does running on the trails mean to you? We’re sure everybody could say something different and personal about it, but one of the things that we all


Vert Beats: Rickey Gates Transamericana

Rickey Gates – Transamericana In 2017 and after the last election in the US, Rickey Gates decided to embark on his biggest project ever (at the time): crossing his country

sierre zinal 2020

Vert Beats: Sierre Zinal Elite Race.

Sierre Zinal – Elite Race. Last Friday, pretty much out of nowhere, we found out about a very special edition of the mythical race Sierre Zinal happening with just a

Pelao carbon copy

How to pace yourself on a long climb

This is a key element on mountain running, pacing yourself. You know that the easiest is to start hard and feel like a superhero in the first ⅓ of the

GIFF thow your hail mari 59k

Vert Beats: Hail Mary 50k

Hail Mary 50k We know that this year has been tough on everybody; lots of races canceled or postponed, and overall uncertainty which is not the ideal environment for being

Wonderland Trail

Vert Beats: FKT’s of the week.

FKT’s of the week   We’re back with some of the most epic record’s attempt an FKT of the last couple of days: -Taking things a step further than already

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 18.07.44

Vert Beats: + FKT’s

+ FKT’s By this time of the year, we’d normally be talking all about race results or the coming races in the peak of the season…luckily, FKTs and cool personal


Vert Beats: FKT’s boom!

FKT’s boom! With the number of FKTs and personal project attempts we’ve been seeing the last couple of weeks (in the absence of most big races), it’s hard to keep

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