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Vert Beats: FKT’s of the week.

FKT’s of the week   We’re back with some of the most epic record’s attempt an FKT of the last couple of days: -Taking things a step further than already


Ultimate Guide for Plant Based Endurance Athletes

A plant based diet is to be responsible in what you eat–this means choosing your food carefully, and not just opting for junk food. It’s very important to do your research and find out which are the key food products that you need to eat regularly if you want to do this correctly and in a healthy way.

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Vert Beats: + FKT’s

+ FKT’s By this time of the year, we’d normally be talking all about race results or the coming races in the peak of the season…luckily, FKTs and cool personal


Vert Beats: FKT’s boom!

FKT’s boom! With the number of FKTs and personal project attempts we’ve been seeing the last couple of weeks (in the absence of most big races), it’s hard to keep


Best Trail Shoes: 2020

Which shoes should I buy?” Trail shoes are definitely (and rightfully so) one of the hottest topics among trail runners. Not only are the options seemingly endless, but each person’s


Road Running to Trail Running

For those of you experienced road runners out there, switching over to the trails might not sound like a big deal–but if you start to trail run with a road


Trail running for beginners

A quick intro: if you’re already an experienced mountain runner, this probably isn’t the article for you–but please do pass it along to anyone you might know who’s recently started


Vert Beats: An Almost Perfect Race

“An Almost Perfect Race” If you have been doing trail and ultra races for a while, you know that feeling of being out there running, thinking you’re having the “best

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