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Pushing up

Perceived effort – scale for trail running

No matter what level of trail running experience you have, you probably have limited time to train. Even professional trail runners almost always have to balance their training with a full-time job. So, since your time is valuable, your trail


Vert Beats #22 12-06-2019

“Becoming a Marathoner” We know that a lot of you didn’t come to the trails from a road running background–lots of you might have come from another sport, from track or from cross country–but we also know that tons of

mira rai

Vert Beats #21 11-29-2019

Mira Rai Not so long ago, Mira Rai’s name might not have rung a bell for people in the trail running world. But throughout last few years, this Nepalese runner has been getting better and better results every season racing

Nuit blanches

Vert Beats #20 11-22-2019

Nuits Blanches – Alexis Berg You like running at night? I think a lot of you would agree that one of the most challenging things about running an ultra is the night section of it. Whether that be just a

ecs sanfran

Vert Beats #19 11-15-2019

TNF ECS San Francisco Like we talked about in last week’s newsletter, the racing season is coming to an end for a lot of trail runners in the northern hemisphere…and this weekend is one of the last big races of

skimo traverse

Vert Beats #18 11-08-2019

Speed Transalp This time of the year, most trail runners in the northern hemisphere are about to take a break from all the training and races they’ve done during the year, or are about to start the pre-season of skiing

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