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The Ultimate 50k training guide

Context. Trail running is the most simple, easy way to move through the mountains. Somehow it’s in our bones–our ancestors had to hunt for their food, and were basically designed to run long distances. Not necessarily to run fast, but

Sierre zinal - Golden trail series

Vert Beats #6 08-09-2019

Sierre Zinal. The Classic. Last week, we said that Sierre Zinal was going to be a crazy race to follow–and it totally was. It was really really exciting to follow the race and the strong field of women and men

sierre zinal 1

Vert Beats #5 08-09-2019

Sierre Zinal. The Classic. It would be impossible for us to start this newsletter by talking about anything besides–drum roll please–Sierre Zinal. Aside from being one of the classic Euro-races that you should know about, this year’s race will have


Trail running #101 – Qué son las Strides

In this quick strides rundown, we’ll go over two things: how to do strides, and why they’re important for you as a trail runner. No matter if you’re running short, fast distances or technical, mountainous ultras, strides are a major


Our Philosophy

What drives us—and why we founded Ever since we discovered that we loved running in the mountains, our time on the trail has always been about using our feet to explore. Throughout our years as professional trail runners, we’ve


Vert Beats #4 08-02-2019

 The Middle Way – Joe Grant If there is anything that we like even more than trail running and ultra races, it’s self-powered adventures–especially if they involve linking a lot of peaks together.   That’s exactly what Joe Grant set out

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